alegrias sweet

Joy Joy.
with coconut  and anise
sweet house wife ,sweet house wife buy it from  me
(because)I am  from Getsemaní...

with  this hilarous  song the  palenqueras invite the people to buy them their hearty sweets.

This treat is another of the inumerable contributions of Afro-descent to the  Colombian Cuisine  and to the cuisine of countries of  Central and South America as Mexico where this recipe is  made with amaranth and nuts , in Salvador this recipe is named "alboroto"(din) and coconut is ommited in their version of this sweet. One of possible reasons why we have  to much in common with ours recipes  among latino American countries  is due to the slave trade during the time of the In Spanish and Portugues colonies the  cooking recipes went with the slaves everywhere the slave trade brought them. Furthermore new recipes created by the slaves were based on recipes from their home countries. Such is the case of fufu that gave rise to  many recipes   as cayeye , saragaya , mofongo etc


60 gr Popping Sorghum or popcorn.
150gr  of  Panela
Anise(4 peaces) infusinated 300 ml
6-10 caramelized coconut flakes  the recipe here
20 ml  aditional water


1. Prepare the caramelized coconut flakes in advance the recipe  here

2.Prepare poped Sorghum and or popcorn crush into small pieces.

3.Prepare an anise infusion with 400 ml  hot water and and leave to stand for half an hour.Put  this infusion into a pan add the panela  heat on a medium flame until it comes to the boil and then remove the anise.

4.Continue cooking until get a heavy caramel.

5.Reserve apart a half cup  of caramel , add the crushed popcorn into the rest of caramel and mix well.

6.Let caramelized popcorn to cool a little bit and then shape it into ball adding the coconut flakes  fixing them from their ends to the ball.

7.The reserved caramel  mix it with water and heat on memdium flame until became a caramel again and then bathe the balls with this caramel.
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